Improve your school to the next level

We are provide services to fulfill your photography needs in your school. Make your photo result better and memorable to your students. Our services not only described below but can be customized by your needs. Just contact us to know more about the services.

Class Photo

Many student want to remember who are their friends. Class Photo make they remember not only their friends but their class teacher. In many cases class photo will be held every last of school year.

Portrait Photo

We are provide portrait photo for new students. The size and quantity of photo very depends on school needs. This photo usually used for certificate, student annual report, books, students id and many more. Make the parents and school easier to manage the photos.

Graduation Journalism Photo & Video

Graduation Journalism Photo & Video service will take over all of your photography need in Graduation Event. Not only photo but we provide videography in graduation day. The result of the photo and video can be distribute separately to the student with customized payment schemes that determined before.

Graduation Photobooth

When the student graduates, they want to have a memorable moment that can be remember for a long time. One of the most important is take a photo using a toga with their family. The photo result will be edited in our team before distributed to the students.

Yearbook Projects

The final project that all students want is remember all of fun in the school that can be memorized in one book, School Year Book. This project will be a fun project  for students in order to make a yearbook. They must make a book themes, photo themes, photo location, dress code, provide their personal data, comments to school or maybe their lovely teachers. The school support is a must to make the yearbook project run smoothly because it will be takes many school time. After all data is complete, we will begin to design and give a proof to a student representation. After everything is done, then the book will be printed soon and ready to distribute.

Need more services than this ? Setup your time, we will come to your school.